The Best Traditional Bows for 2023

“What is the best traditional bow out there?”

A loaded question if I’ve ever heard one, it’s something I never truly have a definitive answer to. There are hundreds of bowyers these days putting out quality stickbows, and it’s really hard to narrow it down to one particular bow.

Many people are quick to jump to the most popular name bows, the most mass produced bows. Although they may certainly be great, sometimes it pays to take a deeper look into the world of traditional archery. There are hundreds of great bows out there that aren’t as well known, but can rival many others out there when it comes to shootability.

Mesa Longbow

Not only is this bow budget friendly but it is also incredibly stunning, featuring a combination of contrasting exotic woods.  It has an extremely smooth draw, and shoots comparably to many other custom longbows. 

It comes in two different lengths and several different draw weights, making it somewhat customized to the shooter’s preference.  If I had to recommend a longbow to a beginner shooter, this would be it.


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