Review: Mesa II Longbow Review

More than 10 years ago, Old Mountain introduced the Mesa Longbow to the market, captivating archers nationwide with its exceptional design and performance. Building upon the success of the Mesa, we proudly present the Mesa II, crafted from the finest wood and materials to offer unparalleled performance and agility.

The Mesa II features a strategic infusion of carbon, enhancing shooting speed without compromising on the bow's lightweight and nimble characteristics. Upon its release, the Mesa II quickly rose to prominence as Old Mountain's top choice for high-performance bows on any adventure.

Fast forward to 2024, the Mesa II continues to set the industry standard for traditional bows, combining superior craftsmanship with top-tier performance in the new model year.

At 60" in length, the Mesa Longbow is ideal for various hunting scenarios and backyard archery leagues. Its timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship solidify the Mesa II as one of the most sought-after recurve bows in the industry.

For an in-depth look at the Mesa II Longbow, our partner Johnathan provides a comprehensive review in the video below. Join Johnathan as he explores everything from the bow's specifications to its speed capabilities with everyday hunting arrows.

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