Introducing the LPG (Large Palm Grip) for Enhanced Shooting Experience!

Today, marks the unveiling of our latest innovation, the LPG (Large Palm Grip). This signature grip is meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled comfort and support to the entire palm, ensuring a truly ergonomic shooting experience.

What is LPG(Large Palm Grip)? 

The LPG, which we fondly referred to as the Large Palm Grip since its inception in 2024, has been designed with precision and innovation in mind. As showcased in the accompanying photo, our exclusive wood grip features a unique side profile that sets it apart from traditional designs. At the heart of the LPG is our commitment to delivering superior control and stability for all archers, regardless of their skill level. With the LPG, you can expect a blend of functionality and style that elevates your shooting performance to new heights. Stay tuned for more updates on how the LPG can transform your archery experience.

This exclusive grip stands as the hallmark feature of Old Mountain Archery. 

What is difference from LPG Grip and Non-LPG Grip? 

In the realm of archery, where each archer has their unique style and preferences, the choice of grip can make a world of difference in your shooting experience.

Today, we delve into the key differentiators between the LPG (Large Palm Grip) and traditional non-LPG grips, shedding light on how this innovative design elevates your archery game. While traditional archery holds a special place for its timeless appeal and individual shooting styles, the introduction of the LPG Grip revolutionizes the game by enhancing stability like never before. The LPG Grip is meticulously crafted to provide a solid foundation for your shooting, offering unparalleled stability that can significantly impact your accuracy and consistency on the range.

Beyond stability, the LPG Grip is designed to deliver instant comfort from the moment you draw your bow. This unique feature ensures that every shot is executed with ease and precision, reducing the chances of errors that may affect your shooting experience. At the core of our innovation is a commitment to enhancing your archery journey by minimizing potential mistakes and maximizing the enjoyment of each shot.

We continue to explore the transformative benefits of the LPG Grip and its impact on your shooting experience.

Curious to know which of our renowned Old Mountain bows come equipped with the exclusive LPG Grip?

Allow us to unveil the lineup of bows that boast this innovative feature for enhanced shooting performance. In our exciting 2024 product range, the Mckinly, Ghost, and Symphony bows stand out as top contenders, each featuring the coveted LPG Grip for optimal comfort and stability. Additionally, our Volcano and Sniper models offer a diverse range of experiences and are particularly beloved by archery enthusiasts across Europe. Among our esteemed collection, the Mesa bow takes the spotlight as a global favorite, thanks to its incorporation of the LPG Grip. Praised for its exceptional grip that strikes the perfect balance between speed, stability, and quietness, the Mesa continues to garner rave reviews from archers worldwide.

Experience the difference that a superior grip can make in your archery journey with our range of Old Mountain bows featuring the signature LPG Grip.

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