Exploring Brace Height in Traditional Bows: Finding Your Perfect Fit

What is brace height? 

A crucial aspect in archery, refers to the distance between the throat of the bow's grip and the string. This measurement significantly impacts the performance and feel of the bow when it comes to shooting accuracy and comfort.

What is recommended brace height of Old Mountain bow? 

At Old Mountain Bows, we understand that many customers inquire about the recommended brace height for our diverse range of traditional bows, including longbows, hybrid bows, one-piece bows, and takedown bows. To provide optimal performance and consistency across our bow models, we recommend a brace height ranging from 7 1/2 to 8 1/4 inches.

Then, finding the ideal brace height for your Old Mountain bow is a personalized process. By experimenting with different brace heights during shooting(it should be between 7 1/2 to 8 1/4") , you can determine the distance that resonates best with your shooting style and preferences. This adjustment allows you to fine-tune your bow to maximize accuracy and comfort, ultimately enhancing your archery experience. Discover the perfect brace height for your Old Mountain bow and unlock the full potential of your shooting prowess.

Unveiling the Impact of Brace Height Variation on Your Archery Experience

Delving into the world of traditional archery, brace height emerges as a pivotal factor that can significantly influence your shooting dynamics and overall performance. Understanding the distinctions between short and high brace heights is essential to tailor your bow setup to match your shooting style and preferences accurately.

A shorter brace height typically results in a more aggressive and faster shooting experience. This setup translates into enhanced arrow speed and power, making it ideal for those seeking a dynamic and swift performance on the archery range or in the field.

Conversely, opting for a higher brace height introduces a contrasting shooting experience characterized by forgiveness and stability. A bow with a higher brace height offers a more forgiving shot, allowing for a smoother release and reduced sensitivity to minor form errors.


Mastering Brace Height Adjustment: A Step-by-Step Guide for Traditional Bow

1. **Measure the Distance(it should be between 7 1/2 to 8 1/4")**: Begin by measuring the distance from the throat of your grip to the string. This initial measurement serves as a reference point for adjusting the brace height to suit your shooting preferences.

2. **Unstring Your Bow**: If necessary, use a reliable stringer to safely unstring your bow before making any adjustments to the brace height. Ensuring the bow is unstrung creates a safe environment for precise modifications.

3. **Twist for Elevation**: To increase the distance or raise the brace height, twist the end of your string counterclockwise. This simple adjustment gradually elevates the brace height, catering to archers seeking a higher setup for their shooting experience.

4. **Twist for Reduction**: Conversely, if you aim to decrease the distance or lower the brace height, twist the end of your string clockwise. This clockwise motion effectively reduces the brace height, accommodating archers who prefer a lower configuration for improved shooting dynamics.

5. **String Your Bow**: Once you have made the necessary adjustments, carefully string your bow back up, ensuring a secure and stable setup. With the bow strung, it is time to reevaluate the brace height to gauge the effectiveness of your modifications.

6. **Repeat for Precision**: Check the brace height again and assess whether it aligns with your desired configuration. If further adjustments are needed to fine-tune the brace height to perfection, repeat the twisting process until you achieve the optimal brace height that complements your shooting style.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can confidently navigate the process of checking and adjusting the brace height on our traditional bow. Embrace the art of customization and precision as you tailor your bow to elevate your archery performance and unlock your full potential on the range or in the field. Have fun! 

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