Archery is not only for adults, but also for our young generation. Learning archery from a young age helps children to approach archery in the long run. Children are the future of society and they need to learn to focus, get to know each other and use their body and mind at the same time. All this is possible through archery. Oldmountain Archery has variable unique design of the bow. Young child to adult, all can spend their times to release your stress. 

Why is archery suitable for children?

Archery has many benefits for kids, from physical to mental health, balance and concentration. They learn to fully focus on the target and create harmony between mind and body. They can also learn to keep their body balanced by standing in the correct position and letting go of the arrow. Releasing the arrow can be a great challenge, not only for children, but also for adults. Archery can be fun and exciting for children. It can be a shared experience. It teaches them to use their full potentialto win the "game". Archery is an excellent opportunity to celebrate a sense of achievement.

In addition, the environment can help children and youth learn to appreciate nature. Especially in today's world, it is important that the younger generation treat forests and nature with respect and gratitude.

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